Elementor, do you need additional add-ons?

Elementor is a visual builder for WordPress that allows users to easily create custom web pages without the need for advanced coding knowledge. Elementor itself is a powerful tool, but there are also numerous add-ons or extensions available to extend Elementor's functionality.

The most popular extensions

The most popular add-ons that are used together with elementor are Essential Addons, Premium Addons, Royal Elementor, Elements Kit, etc. They extend the functionality of Elementor, offer more widgets, predefined templates, special effects, styling options, integrations with third-party services and much more.

Disadvantages and how to use correctly

Trying to make faster websites, I noticed that Elementor exensiles have quite a big impact on the loading speed of the site. Even if you are initially tempted to get more widgets, in reality they are not fundamentally different from those offered by Elementor. For example, the differences between the gallery widgets are actually a few lines of CSS added to the basic Elementor widget. Even if you can save a little time, I assure you that in the future, avoiding using Elementor extensions will pay off. Over time, extensions will be updated differently, at different times from each other, later than Elementor, and on certain versions and the more you have installed, the chances of incompatibility issues will increase.

However, if you want to install an add-on for a certain functionality, there is a way to reduce the disadvantages offered by them. Every time an Elementor extension is installed, a window will appear with all the features offered by the extension that you can check or uncheck. Attention, most of the functionalities are activated by default, and depending on the developer, you may be prompted to activate them all. My advice is to uncheck everything and activate only the functionality, the widget you need, this way the whole plugin will impact the site much less.


In conclusion, element extensions bring additional functionality and efficiency to the development of WordPress sites, but they can also bring additional costs, increased complexity and the need for careful management to avoid conflicts and performance issues. Carefully evaluating your needs and carefully selecting add-ons and their functionalities can maximize the benefits and minimize the drawbacks. See more about WebDA.


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