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How many products can a WordPress website have and how to add and modify them effectively


How many products can my site have? Is wordpress the right platform for an online store with many products? How can I add products efficiently? How can I change their price and stock quickly? These are just some of the questions we get about setting up and running an online store. In this article we will present you the solution we apply to our projects.

In theory the wordpress platform can support an unlimited number of products. If the website is made correctly and the server performance is directly proportional to the size of the store (number of users, products, etc.), then wordpress is suitable. For more information on how to optimize and what influences website speed, you can read the article Loading speed of WordPress sites (How to optimize?).

Adding products

From experience, the biggest challenge for online stores with many products is adding and modifying them. The standard process of adding products is simple, but takes a long time when the volume is high. In addition to creating products with title, price, descriptions, images must be uploaded, categories added, product attributes and variations where appropriate. When adding a large number of products this process becomes extremely inefficient and importing is recommended.

Importing products

The fastest way to add products is to import via a csv file. Initially, work is done in excel, where the rows are the products, the columns are the particularities of the product, and the pictures are uploaded in a separate file.

In the example above, we have 2 products with 10 features each, in the images column we pass the image tiles for each product from the material file. For a simple import, the default woocommerce method can be used, but for more advanced imports, such as those with variable products, specific plugins can be used. The import of variable products is more complex, and the excel document is created differently. Most plugins require documents in .csv format. To do this just choose to save the document in the new format after you finish the table.

Editing products

Following the model above, modifying products, for example stock and price, can also be done through an import. This time only the product code or title is used on the first column + the column that requires changes, so the website recognizes that the products already exist and will only replace the values ​​of the added features.


A wordpress website can support an unlimited number of products if it was built correctly from the beginning and suitable for the size of the online store. By using the import functionality we have successfully launched stores with over 5000 products. For more information related to the creation and maintenance of websites you can check the whole blog section. For professional website creation services, don't hesitate contactează-ne acum.


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